What to Consider Before When Buyign a Hybrid Bike

Hybrid biking proved that not all the biking are same. They are the combination of a road bike, touring bike and mountain bike. Hybrid bikes are popular in large cities. They are perfect for large cities where traffic and pedestrian are so high. So, when you are looking for a hybrid bike, there are several things that you should consider. They are:

Size of Wheels:

The wheel size is one of the biggest factors that you should consider before buying a hybrid bike. Most of the hybrid bikes come in standard 700c tires. They are good if you are planning to ride the bike for normal pathways. On the other side, 26-inch wheels are smaller than the 700c wheels and they are great for fast riding. So depending on your riding style, you should choose your wheel size.


Hybrid bikes come in various gears options. They can be from one gear up to 30 gears. The more gears your bike has, the more riding option you will get. It all depends on your fitness level. Also, if you want to ride in hill areas then you should buy a bike with many gear options. Fewer gears are great for flat and even areas.

hybrid biker

Suspension System:

Mountain bikes are perfect for the rough terrain because they allow suspension system. Most of the hybrid bikes come with either front suspension or none. Mainly it depends on who makes the bikes. As suspension adds an overall weight of the bike, most of the hybrid bike will not have the suspension system. Moreover, suspension system makes pedaling difficult. So if you are planning to ride in city areas then you don’t need suspension hybrid bike.

Brakes of the Bike:

Hybrid bikes come in two types of brakes. They are rim brakes and disc brakes. Rim brakes are economical and they are a very popular type of braking system. But disc brakes are becoming popular in recent time. Disc brakes are two types. They are Hydraulic disc brakes and Mechanical disc brake. Hydraulic disc brake is excellent for stopping power whereas Mechanical disc brakes are great for the regular type of user as you need to adjust the brake constantly.

Frame Materials:

Aluminum is a great frame material for any type of hybrid bikes. Because it is durable, strong and affordable. Steel is heavier than aluminum material but it provides smooth ride option. Carbon fiber is the strongest material but it is pricey than another type of materials. So, if you don’t mind spending a lot of money then you should go for carbon fiber material bike.


When you want to buy a hybrid bike you should consider different type of accessories that come with a hybrid bike. You can add cargo racks and fenders if the bike allows you to install them. These accessories are perfect for increasing the space of your bike. Moreover, adding fenders will allow you to protect the tire from the curbs and other edges. A bike rack will allow you to keep large bags in front of you, which is good for your journey.

Final word:

Above we have discussed some important features of a hybrid bike that every user should keep in mind when they buy a hybrid bike. These features will help the buyer to make their buying decision easier. Also, visit this page for more hybrid bikes reviews and buying guide.

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