How to Choose a Fixie Bike – Ultimate Guide from the Expert

When you are going to choose a fixed gear bike, there are some important components you should focus. There are some core design features that comes with a fixed gear bike. So, you don’t have to too much worry about it. Below we will discuss some important things that you should keep in mind before buying a fixed gear road bike.

Bike Size:

At first, you need to make sure your bike size. I mean the right size of your body. If you buy too short bike then it will knock your knees to your elbows during riding. If the bike is too tall then you need to overextend your legs during the ride. To make ensure that the bike is perfect for you, you should measure it from the top tube. Then you will find it whether the bike will suit you. Good news for you, most bike manufacturers offers size chart for the bike.


Fixie bikes are durable and reliable. So you should buy a frame that is made of high-quality material so that you don’t have to worry about bike performances. Normally there are three types of frame to choose. They are aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. Also, you need to be careful about tire types. Aluminum is lightweight and you can easily choose them. Steel is the most common type of material in fixie bikes because they are cheap and quite durable than aluminum material. Carbon fiber is very durable than the other materials but they are pricey.

fixed gear bike

Flip Flop Hub:

Most of the fixed gear bike offers the ability to switch from fixed gear position to a single speed. If you use multi-speed bike then you can feel weird at first when you use fixed gear bike. So for your better need, you should switch the bike to a single speed bike.

The Appearance of the Bike:

Fixed gear bikes available in many colors and style. So before you buy one for you, you should pay attention to the color style of the bike, size of the tube and other things. If the style doesn’t matter to you then you can choose a bike with black or white colors. Because they are standard.

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