Review of Kent Front Runner 21.25-inch Hybrid Bike

The love of biking was born in the early 1900’s among the Kent family when the grandfather to the current president of the company immigrated to New York. The first president of the company worked in a bike repairs shop and it was from all the restoration of old bicycle frames that the love for bicycles was born in him. It was not until the year 1909 that he himself opened up his own bicycle shop in lower east New York City and the Kent legacy began. Check this page for an overall overview:


The bike is quite economical compared to other bikes in its range.The bike does something that very few other bikes can do: to merge perfectly as both a sporty bike as well as an urban town bike. This means you can ride this bike to work and not look awkward and on weekends, you can take a ride along bike trails and the bike will still be at as much harmony in this environment as it was in the town. For the smoothest gearshifts on and off-road, you get a Shimano rear derailleur. The tires have 36-spoke aluminum rims on 700″28c to give you the appropriate traction. With all these features the bike weighs a mere 311bs. It is easy to see why this is good value for your money.

Kent Front Runner Hybrid Bike


If there is something that Kent International is known for, it is the rugged dependability of their bikes. The bikes made by Kent International serve all kinds of purposes from exercising to commuting to just plain old bikes for fun. The dependability comes from years upon years of honing their craft through the generations of Kent. So you are sure that the bike will always get you moving, no matter what you need it for.

New braking system:

Plenty of cyclists will probably not admit to falling over face first in the dirt as a result of gripping the front brakes too hard. It does happen and sometimes can be a danger to the cyclist especially in emergencies. This is why the company decided to deploy the SureBrake technology. The technology is designed to distribute the pressure evenly among both brakes when you press on either brake lever. This means that the braking is evenly distributed and you will not fall on your face when you brake suddenly. This is a safety feature that could save your life.


  • The bike is pretty cheap making it a good offer
  • The build quality is quite sturdy giving you the support you need
  • It looks quite nice


  • The handlebars have been reported to rotate on the stem making it a bit dangerous


The bike has several positive features. It is an economical bike with killer good looks. It is light and has sufficient technology on it to make it good both on and off the road. The issue with the handlebars twisting on the stem could have potentially been caused by a loose bearing that needs adjustment. All-in-all, the bike is a pretty good choice to buy. I would strongly suggest that anyone looking for a good bike should buy the Kent Runner Hybrid.

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