Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men’s Hybrid Bike Review

In the past few years, biking has become widely popular among adults and teens, but as it has gained popularity so has the sophistication of bikes. It’s not possible to go out in the market and pick any mountain bike or street bike anymore. Today you have so many choices, and each of these comes with its own set of features and price tag. The best and most promising bike that appears to successfully close this gap between mountain bikes and street bikes is the new hybrid bike.

It works great on streets, trails and allows you to enjoy the pleasure of biking as and when you want without any need for an investment in a highly expensive bike to do it. One cost-effective option available to you is Schwinn Discover Men’sHybrid Bike. Let’s have a close look at its exciting Completely SafeThis bike is 100 percent safe for you It features pull breaks made using Promax alloy that ensures a safe stop. It prevents accidents that are so common with other bikes without reliable pull break mechanism.

Superior Parts

Schwinn Hybrid Bike boasts of parts that you may actually need for a good bike. SR Suntour crank, suspension bike fork, Shimano rear derailleur and grip shifters (with speeds reaching up to 21 SRAM) are all perfectly reliable. Suspension ForkThis feature available in the Schwinn bikes helps the bike and seat to absorb most of the shock when it’s you’re riding it over the rough or uneven terrain. This feature makes it great for all types of mountain biking.

Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men_s Hybrid Bike

Frame Durable:

The aluminum frame of the Schwinn Discover 700c hybrid bike ensures durability and a smooth ride. Double Frame: The bike boasts of the hybrid frame that lasts for years. It is made of high-quality aluminum that ensures durability for your adventures.Gear Shits: The Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur of the bike is designed to smoothly shift gears-the feature present only high-end hybrid bikes that cost more.


The smoothest ride is possible only if the bike’s seat paddle is comfortable. On this hybrid bike, a padded saddle is firmly fixed with a sturdy suspension seat post. Its suspension forks definitely offer optimum comfort and response. Best Brakes: The Bikes ProMax linear pull-brakes have been installed for the complete safety of the rider. These brakes have been tailored to provide better control and can also help prevent accidents.


  • The bike look is modern and sleek
  • Considering the bike’s features, it’s definitely a steal
  • Its padded seat provides good support
  • It’s made by one of the leading players of the biking industry
  • You will get this mountain bike preassembled, which is very convenient
  • Its rear carriage carrier of the bike is best for small baskets and seats


  • This bike is made for men who’re above 59-, so if your height is shorter than this, it won’t be a good fit


If you’re interested in a bike that is cheap and yet guarantees you a smooth and completely hassle-free ride, then Schwinn Men’s Hybrid bike is your best pick. A feature-rich bike like this can definitely help save good money. This beautiful bike is affordable and great on quality and boasts of a brand name that is revered by millions of people who love cycling. So go ahead and buy one for yourself today! Visit Best Bike Picks to know more about different types of hybrid bikes.

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