Things to Consider Before Buying a Mountain Bike

When you are going to shop for mountain bikes (be it at the stores or at the online) you have to look for many things. If you do not know what to look for in a bike it will be very hard for you to pick one. So let us find out the key features of a mountain bike when you buy for you.

1. Bike Type:

If you are searching for the best mountain bike you will see that most of the bikes are hardtails. Most of them have only front suspension. But full suspension mountain bikes have suspension forks at front and back. Full suspension bikes are more weight than other bikes. If you love to ride on rough, uneven and steep terrain then try to buy hardtail mountain bike. The lighter hardtail mountain bikes are more feasible than their full suspension counterparts.

Mountain Bike
2. How Much Heavy the Bike:

The weight of the bike is important due to many reasons. The lightweight bike provides more speed and greater maneuverability. The heavier bike is durable than the lighter bike. But my inclination towards lighter mountain bikes. A bike made of aluminum frames are common in mountain bike industry. Most of the bike that made of aluminum frame weighs around 30-35 pounds which is ideal. There is another type of mountain bike frame that is super light named carbon frames. Carbon frames are pricier than an aluminum frame. So my recommendation is aluminum frame mountain bike.

3. Brake Types:

Most of the mountain bikes come with disc brakes and rim brakes. Disc brakes work based on applying pressure on the rotor on the top of the wheel. There are two types of disc brakes hydraulic and cable operated. The rim brakes are very suitable for entry level mountain bikes. Rim brake is easy to operate and inspect than disc brakes. My recommendation is to go on the bike that has disc brakes.

4. Wheel Size:

There are three types of wheels including 29-inch, 26-inch, and 27.5-inch. The larger the wheel size the better way they will roll over obstacles without trouble. If you have confusion choosing between 26er and 29 er then go with 27.5 er inch wheels. Then go for 27.5-inch wheels. Bikerader has a very detailed guide about the wheel size.

5. Frame Material and Suspension:

Most of the mountain bikes come with aluminum, carbon, steel or titanium frame. Carbon fiber and titanium frames are pricey but durable than others. You better go with the aluminum frame because it is strong, durable, affordable and lightweight. If you are planning to ride on rough terrain then you need a mountain bike suspension. It will absorb shock and maximize your control. I will recommend a full suspension mountain bike for the rough and uneven terrain.

Above are the important things to consider before buying a mountain bike. Also, there are some minor things that you should consider. For example, Shimano components ensure durability and performance. Because they provide high quality.

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