Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Haanjo Alternative Road Bike Review

If you are a cycling lover then you know that there are different types of road bike available on the market. Sometimes you want to buy a mountain bike that will allow you to hit rough terrain and other time you want to buy a road bike for city riding. In this review, we will discuss Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Haanjo Alternative Road Bike that is the combination of both mountain bike and road bike. Below are the important features of this bike.

Strong Durable Aluminum Frame:

This Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Haanjo Alternative Road Bike comes with 6061 T6 aluminum alloy frame which is lightweight and durable enough to tackle any kind of terrain. The frame also enhanced by the endurance geometry which can be found in the most of the diamondback bikes. This geometry ensures that you will have upright posture when you ride.

Excellent Drivetrain:

This amazing road bike comes with 9×2 speed drivetrain that will ensure you can tackle any type of surface you desire. Moreover, the drivetrain comes with FSA cranks which are perfect for reliable and smooth shifting all the times.

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Haanjo Alternative Road Bike

Precise Suspension Fork:

This is one of the most important features of this road bike. The Diamondback Bicycles 2015 road bike has an alloy fork that provides upfront steering position. This suspension fork will ensure vibration dampening which is crucial for smooth and comfortable riding. Whether you are commuting to work or climbing a hill or mountain bike trails this suspension fork will perform exceptionally.


  • Perform well on different types of terrain
  • Crank provide a smooth and comfortable ride in any terrain
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Great stopping power
  • Fast riding


  • Wheels and seats are not upgraded

Final Word:

The Haanjo Alternative road bike is one of the greatest road bikes for comfortable riding and performances. This well-designed bike has been made for riding in the different type of terrain. So, if you want to buy a road bike for both road riding and mountain biking purposes then this bike is the one for you.

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What to Consider Before When Buyign a Hybrid Bike

Hybrid biking proved that not all the biking are same. They are the combination of a road bike, touring bike and mountain bike. Hybrid bikes are popular in large cities. They are perfect for large cities where traffic and pedestrian are so high. So, when you are looking for a hybrid bike, there are several things that you should consider. They are:

Size of Wheels:

The wheel size is one of the biggest factors that you should consider before buying a hybrid bike. Most of the hybrid bikes come in standard 700c tires. They are good if you are planning to ride the bike for normal pathways. On the other side, 26-inch wheels are smaller than the 700c wheels and they are great for fast riding. So depending on your riding style, you should choose your wheel size.


Hybrid bikes come in various gears options. They can be from one gear up to 30 gears. The more gears your bike has, the more riding option you will get. It all depends on your fitness level. Also, if you want to ride in hill areas then you should buy a bike with many gear options. Fewer gears are great for flat and even areas.

hybrid biker

Suspension System:

Mountain bikes are perfect for the rough terrain because they allow suspension system. Most of the hybrid bikes come with either front suspension or none. Mainly it depends on who makes the bikes. As suspension adds an overall weight of the bike, most of the hybrid bike will not have the suspension system. Moreover, suspension system makes pedaling difficult. So if you are planning to ride in city areas then you don’t need suspension hybrid bike.

Brakes of the Bike:

Hybrid bikes come in two types of brakes. They are rim brakes and disc brakes. Rim brakes are economical and they are a very popular type of braking system. But disc brakes are becoming popular in recent time. Disc brakes are two types. They are Hydraulic disc brakes and Mechanical disc brake. Hydraulic disc brake is excellent for stopping power whereas Mechanical disc brakes are great for the regular type of user as you need to adjust the brake constantly.

Frame Materials:

Aluminum is a great frame material for any type of hybrid bikes. Because it is durable, strong and affordable. Steel is heavier than aluminum material but it provides smooth ride option. Carbon fiber is the strongest material but it is pricey than another type of materials. So, if you don’t mind spending a lot of money then you should go for carbon fiber material bike.


When you want to buy a hybrid bike you should consider different type of accessories that come with a hybrid bike. You can add cargo racks and fenders if the bike allows you to install them. These accessories are perfect for increasing the space of your bike. Moreover, adding fenders will allow you to protect the tire from the curbs and other edges. A bike rack will allow you to keep large bags in front of you, which is good for your journey.

Final word:

Above we have discussed some important features of a hybrid bike that every user should keep in mind when they buy a hybrid bike. These features will help the buyer to make their buying decision easier. Also, visit this page for more hybrid bikes reviews and buying guide.

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How to Choose a Fixie Bike – Ultimate Guide from the Expert

When you are going to choose a fixed gear bike, there are some important components you should focus. There are some core design features that comes with a fixed gear bike. So, you don’t have to too much worry about it. Below we will discuss some important things that you should keep in mind before buying a fixed gear road bike.

Bike Size:

At first, you need to make sure your bike size. I mean the right size of your body. If you buy too short bike then it will knock your knees to your elbows during riding. If the bike is too tall then you need to overextend your legs during the ride. To make ensure that the bike is perfect for you, you should measure it from the top tube. Then you will find it whether the bike will suit you. Good news for you, most bike manufacturers offers size chart for the bike.


Fixie bikes are durable and reliable. So you should buy a frame that is made of high-quality material so that you don’t have to worry about bike performances. Normally there are three types of frame to choose. They are aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. Also, you need to be careful about tire types. Aluminum is lightweight and you can easily choose them. Steel is the most common type of material in fixie bikes because they are cheap and quite durable than aluminum material. Carbon fiber is very durable than the other materials but they are pricey.

fixed gear bike

Flip Flop Hub:

Most of the fixed gear bike offers the ability to switch from fixed gear position to a single speed. If you use multi-speed bike then you can feel weird at first when you use fixed gear bike. So for your better need, you should switch the bike to a single speed bike.

The Appearance of the Bike:

Fixed gear bikes available in many colors and style. So before you buy one for you, you should pay attention to the color style of the bike, size of the tube and other things. If the style doesn’t matter to you then you can choose a bike with black or white colors. Because they are standard.

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Review of Kent Front Runner 21.25-inch Hybrid Bike

The love of biking was born in the early 1900’s among the Kent family when the grandfather to the current president of the company immigrated to New York. The first president of the company worked in a bike repairs shop and it was from all the restoration of old bicycle frames that the love for bicycles was born in him. It was not until the year 1909 that he himself opened up his own bicycle shop in lower east New York City and the Kent legacy began. Check this page for an overall overview: http://www.bestbikepicks.com/kent-front-runner-21-25-inch-hybrid-bike-review/


The bike is quite economical compared to other bikes in its range.The bike does something that very few other bikes can do: to merge perfectly as both a sporty bike as well as an urban town bike. This means you can ride this bike to work and not look awkward and on weekends, you can take a ride along bike trails and the bike will still be at as much harmony in this environment as it was in the town. For the smoothest gearshifts on and off-road, you get a Shimano rear derailleur. The tires have 36-spoke aluminum rims on 700″28c to give you the appropriate traction. With all these features the bike weighs a mere 311bs. It is easy to see why this is good value for your money.

Kent Front Runner Hybrid Bike


If there is something that Kent International is known for, it is the rugged dependability of their bikes. The bikes made by Kent International serve all kinds of purposes from exercising to commuting to just plain old bikes for fun. The dependability comes from years upon years of honing their craft through the generations of Kent. So you are sure that the bike will always get you moving, no matter what you need it for.

New braking system:

Plenty of cyclists will probably not admit to falling over face first in the dirt as a result of gripping the front brakes too hard. It does happen and sometimes can be a danger to the cyclist especially in emergencies. This is why the company decided to deploy the SureBrake technology. The technology is designed to distribute the pressure evenly among both brakes when you press on either brake lever. This means that the braking is evenly distributed and you will not fall on your face when you brake suddenly. This is a safety feature that could save your life.


  • The bike is pretty cheap making it a good offer
  • The build quality is quite sturdy giving you the support you need
  • It looks quite nice


  • The handlebars have been reported to rotate on the stem making it a bit dangerous


The bike has several positive features. It is an economical bike with killer good looks. It is light and has sufficient technology on it to make it good both on and off the road. The issue with the handlebars twisting on the stem could have potentially been caused by a loose bearing that needs adjustment. All-in-all, the bike is a pretty good choice to buy. I would strongly suggest that anyone looking for a good bike should buy the Kent Runner Hybrid.

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Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men’s Hybrid Bike Review

In the past few years, biking has become widely popular among adults and teens, but as it has gained popularity so has the sophistication of bikes. It’s not possible to go out in the market and pick any mountain bike or street bike anymore. Today you have so many choices, and each of these comes with its own set of features and price tag. The best and most promising bike that appears to successfully close this gap between mountain bikes and street bikes is the new hybrid bike.

It works great on streets, trails and allows you to enjoy the pleasure of biking as and when you want without any need for an investment in a highly expensive bike to do it. One cost-effective option available to you is Schwinn Discover Men’sHybrid Bike. Let’s have a close look at its exciting Completely SafeThis bike is 100 percent safe for you It features pull breaks made using Promax alloy that ensures a safe stop. It prevents accidents that are so common with other bikes without reliable pull break mechanism.

Superior Parts

Schwinn Hybrid Bike boasts of parts that you may actually need for a good bike. SR Suntour crank, suspension bike fork, Shimano rear derailleur and grip shifters (with speeds reaching up to 21 SRAM) are all perfectly reliable. Suspension ForkThis feature available in the Schwinn bikes helps the bike and seat to absorb most of the shock when it’s you’re riding it over the rough or uneven terrain. This feature makes it great for all types of mountain biking.

Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men_s Hybrid Bike

Frame Durable:

The aluminum frame of the Schwinn Discover 700c hybrid bike ensures durability and a smooth ride. Double Frame: The bike boasts of the hybrid frame that lasts for years. It is made of high-quality aluminum that ensures durability for your adventures.Gear Shits: The Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur of the bike is designed to smoothly shift gears-the feature present only high-end hybrid bikes that cost more.


The smoothest ride is possible only if the bike’s seat paddle is comfortable. On this hybrid bike, a padded saddle is firmly fixed with a sturdy suspension seat post. Its suspension forks definitely offer optimum comfort and response. Best Brakes: The Bikes ProMax linear pull-brakes have been installed for the complete safety of the rider. These brakes have been tailored to provide better control and can also help prevent accidents.


  • The bike look is modern and sleek
  • Considering the bike’s features, it’s definitely a steal
  • Its padded seat provides good support
  • It’s made by one of the leading players of the biking industry
  • You will get this mountain bike preassembled, which is very convenient
  • Its rear carriage carrier of the bike is best for small baskets and seats


  • This bike is made for men who’re above 59-, so if your height is shorter than this, it won’t be a good fit


If you’re interested in a bike that is cheap and yet guarantees you a smooth and completely hassle-free ride, then Schwinn Men’s Hybrid bike is your best pick. A feature-rich bike like this can definitely help save good money. This beautiful bike is affordable and great on quality and boasts of a brand name that is revered by millions of people who love cycling. So go ahead and buy one for yourself today! Visit Best Bike Picks to know more about different types of hybrid bikes.

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Nashbar Cyclocross 105 Road Bike Review

Cyclocross is one of the famous bicycle racing in the world. You may be unfamiliar with the cyclocross. It is renowned for both mountain bike and road bike racing. The Cyclocross 105 road bike designed for those who seek versatility. This road bike can be used for multiple purposes.

This bike can be used for racing, touring and commuting, making it an excellent fun to own. The first thing about this amazing road bike is that it is made of carbon and aluminum construction. The frame is made of aluminum that is very lightweight, durable and pocket-friendly.

The frame then complemented by the carbon fiber fork that allows for weight savings while absorbing all shock from the ground. This will ensure you a quality ride. The Nashbar Cyclocross 105 road bike comes with top-notch wheels that will ensure you can easily roll your bike. Moreover, the lightweight wheels are very strong so that you can do both ride and race with ease. The only problem with the wheels is that the wheels are only compatible with Cyclocross tires.

Nashbar Cyclocross 105 Road Bike Review

These tires will help you to accelerate and brake the bike in the nastiest of terrain. Also, the gearing system of this amazing bike won’t disappoint you. This bike comes with Shimano 105 groupset which excels in value, performance, and craftsmanship. I was extremely amazed when I used this bike. The 11-speed drivetrain is really awesome. It is very easy to shift between gears with absolute precision. Read this post to get information about road bikes under $1000.

This type of gearing only available for the high-quality road bikes. The Cyclocross 105 road bike comes with reliable R mechanical disc brakes that ensure you reliable and powerful control. With this brake, you are guaranteed to stop the bike in all the conditions.

In the last, The design of this road bike is fantastic. The smart design of this bike ensures to carry the bike to the mountain for your convenience. The bike also comes with bottle cage braze-ons, so that you can carry water with you.


  • High-quality construction
  • Great wheelset
  • Very lightweight
  • Versatile and durable
  • Great aesthetics
  • Powerful brakes


  • Quick and expert assembly required

The Cyclocross 105 road bike is the bike for all types of riding expert. If you want to leave your house and ride into the city or want to take a part in cyclocross racing then this is the bike for you. This bike has comes with everything to have the riding experience of your life.

Diamondback Overdrive Expert 29er Mountain Bike Review

Mountain bike allows you to work out your muscles and give you to explore your surroundings fun. That is where Diamondback Overdrive Expert 29er comes into play. It will provide you full fun and fitness at an incredible price. This mountain bike is comfortable and versatile so that you can carry out for different riding functions.

This bike is designed to meet the requirement of the consumers.  When selecting a mountain bike always go with one that has a lightweight frame. Lightweight frame makes the bike simple to handle and carries around.  The Diamondback Overdrive mountain bike is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy which makes the bike more durable. Also, the frame is designed with strength and lightweight in mind.

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike

This bike has been designed to make riding enjoyable. This bike comes with large 29-inch wheels which are great for smooth riding over rough terrain. Another important feature of the Diamondback Overdrive bike is its steering capabilities. This bike comes with SR Suntour XCT suspension fork.

This will make your riding comfortable and precise. The fork will allow you optimized power transfer when you rolling over hard packed surfaces. The wheelset is extremely important when you buy a mountain bike. The Diamondback Overdrive mountain bike comes with top-notch wheelset with aluminum double wall rims for smooth rolling.

Another great feature of this mountain bike is its very simple braking and gearing. When you buy a mountain bike you have to care about gears or brakes of the bike. That is why Diamondback uses Shimano Drivetrain and Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes. This drivetrain ensures you smooth gearing and shifting on all types of terrain while the brakes guarantee reliable stopping in all weather conditions. The tires that are made of WTB Wolverine tires also provide traction for different types of terrain.


  • Very durable
  • Shifts smoothly
  • Versatile and easy to assembly
  • Made of quality components
  • The brakes perform very well


  • Lightweight than other mountain bikes
  • A bit pricey

The Overdrive is slightly heavier than other mountain bikes in its class. This bike offers durability, reliability, and versatility not seen on many bikes. This bike is perfect for all types of terrain.

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